Don’t worry,
meat happy.

Real beef that's up to 76% better for the climate.
Meat that keeps our climate, conscience and taste-buds, happy.

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Real beef that's
climate friendly.

Based on extensive United Nations research, Happy Meat is all-natural beef that tastes delicious and can reduce beef’s global climate footprint by up to 76%.

The secret? We source our meat from uniquely reared ‘dual-purpose’ cows that produce both milk and meat. They’re free range, antibiotic free and never nourished on feeds associated with deforestation.
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Steaks flying in pan

A taste from the heavens.

Because our cows have produced milk and lived longer in the great outdoors, our beef is beautifully marbled with more healthy, taste-filled fats. Pair that with our special 3 week ageing process and Happy Meat becomes softer and more succulent than anything you’ve tasted (ever).
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As transparent
as can beef.

As well as having zero additives, preservatives or E numbers – unlike almost any other source of beef – you can trace Happy Meat back to a single, unique British cow and the farming family that reared it. Nothing tastes better than a beef with a proud story. Be part of it. Learn more Try Happy Meat