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Here’s how we go about creating Happy Meat — what it means for you, the environment and the cows.

Climate friendly

Based on extensive United Nations research, Happy Meat offers Britain’s first climate-friendly beef. Two special principles of our production process cut out the majority of emissions usually associated with beef.

First, we source the beef from uniquely farmed, ‘dual-purpose’ cows. While cows are usually bred to produce either milk or meat, ours do both! That means the emissions of our cows are spread across both milk and meat products, already making the beef on your plate much more friendly to the environment. Second, our cows are never fed on soy or corn sourced from land that’s been deforested around the world – a major contributor to the typically high carbon footprint of beef products. Together, all this means Happy Meat has 52% less associated emissions than almost all other beef. What’s more, if we all choose to eat Happy Meat 3 times a week, we can reduce the global climate footprint of beef by a huge 76%!

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Premium grade

Happy Meat comes from British cows that live longer and happier lives, spending almost all their days in the wide open countryside, eating the highest quality natural grasses and feeds.

From fresh legumes, to meadow fescue grass and crunchy ryegrass – each contributes to the health of the cow and ultimately the unique flavors that make up Happy Meat’s delicious taste. What’s more, because our Red Tractor Assured ‘dual purpose’ cows live longer than typical beef-only cows, their meat has matured slowly and more naturally. This process develops premium grade ‘marbling’ – a fancy word for the fine ribbons of fat that enhance the richness and depth of taste you only see on the most expensive steaks (like ‘Wagyu’). To top it all off, the beef from each of our cows is then handcrafted by a team of award winning British butchers into conveniently portioned products which are then aged for 21 days. Finally, they’re vacuum packed and delivered to your door in recyclable packaging — ready to cook or pop in the freezer.

100% Traceable

Unlike almost any other source of beef, the delicious meat products within each 3kg Happy Meat Box come labelled with the ear tag number of the single unique cow they all came from.

This provides an unprecedented peace of mind for meat eaters, especially seeing as over 20% of the meat tested from UK supermarkets and restaurants was recently found to have DNA from animals not on the labelling. Our ear tag numbers let you trace back the five easy-to-cook meat products - steak, stir-fry, burgers, mince and a roast - to the cow, farm and farming family that reared it. Nothing tastes better than a steak with a proud story, and now you can be a part of it. We also ensure that every part of each cow is used – nose to tail – with the offal and bones being purchased by selected restaurants and butchers. Unlike almost any other supermarket or butcher, we can promise that our meat is always traceable, clean and waste-free – the way all meat was meant to be!

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