Buying sustainable meat

Welcome to our website, It’s great that you’ve found us! It couldn’t be easier to buy our sustainable meat: simply select one of the cows on the homepage and order your share. After a few weeks you’ll receive a vacuum-sealed meat box, delivered direct to your door for free. Our 'waste nothing' approach ensures that all of the cow is used, from nose to tail.

Is the meat organic?

We offer both certified-organic and non-certified cows, the main difference being their feed. As you’d expect, the certified-organic cows are given organically-grown feed. The cows from our non-organic farmers are given feed that is not officially certified as organic. They eat a mixture of grass and herbs. The only reason these farmers do not have organic certification is that they use their own grass instead of certified feed – but, in reality, things don’t get more natural than fresh pasture grass! Our cows receive some supplements, in the form of largely self-produced wheat, beet pulp and brewers grains. Antibiotics are only given to a cow when it's ill; they are never used preventively.