Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a collection of answers to the most common questions we've been asked about Happy Meat. From those regarding the cow your meat comes from, all the way to those about delivery, the answers below cover it all! If what you're looking for doesn't feature below, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via

About the meat box

Can I customise what’s in my meat box?

No. This may seem strange, but there’s a very good reason why :)

In the UK alone it’s estimated that there’s at least 100,000 cows worth of beef that gets wasted every year. A big cause of this waste is our society’s growing preference for a small group of cuts and slices from a cows beef carcass (e.g. fillet, sirloin or rib-eye steaks) which means that other cuts (e.g. Rump or braising steaks) get left on supermarket shelves and eventually go bad.

This is very sad. We believe that when we choose to eat beef we have an ethical responsibility to carefully steward all the beef that has been provided through the slaughtering of a cow.

Don’t worry though, we’ve found a solution that helps make matters happier.

Unlike almost anywhere else, the meat box you buy from Happy Meat and all the products within it come from just one, unique cow. Each cow provides enough beef for about 70 meat boxes, and so each meat box contains a small (but equal) portion of the different parts that make up that cow’s beef carcass. What’s more, only once we’ve sold all the boxes from a cow, do we start selling boxes from another one! We call this model ‘nose-to-tail butchering’.

Besides for traceability reasons, nose-to-tail butchering ensures that all of each cow’s beef is made use of and absolutely nothing goes to waste.

If the meat box is meant to be nose-to-tail how come it’s missing ‘X’ steak?

Because the meat from each cow we sell is portioned and divided to fill approximately 70 meat boxes, certain cuts and slices aren't included simply because the quantities aren't big enough to divide into so many boxes. Where this is the case, rest assured that we do still use them, but instead do so by making minced products that can be more easily divided.

Will my meat box fit in a freezer drawer?

Yes! Because all our meat products are vacuum packed, the contents of our happy meat box will fit in half a standard (59cm X 39cm X 11cm) household freezer drawer!

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes. The carton used for our Happy Meat box is 100% biodegradable and the insulation used to keep it cool is made from recycled lambswool. The plastic used for the vacuum packing is also 100% recyclable!

Does my box arrive fresh or frozen?

We deliver your meat frozen. But don't worry – once our meat has been hand cut by our butchers, we 'blast freeze' it – which means the meat is frozen much, much faster than a domestic freezer can. This speed is important because when meat is frozen slowly, ice crystals form, damaging the texture of the meat when defrosted. By freezing fast like we do, we do so faster than the ice crystals form and thus naturally preserve each cut at its absolute optimum. So, when you defrost it at home, it’s at the peak of freshness – just as it left our butcher’s knife.

About the cows

How are the cows taken care of?

We're very diligent in personally visiting each farmer we choose to partner with to see where and how their cows have been raised. We make sure that each cow is reared with the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental stewardship in mind. Quite simply, if we can’t Instagram it, we don't sell it!

Though each of our farmers has some of their own set of unique practices (often passed down generations), none administer hormones or preventative antibiotics to their cattle. This means no guesswork or health risk when your family enjoys our meat.

Throughout the vast majority of the year, our cows graze in pastures – free range – but can choose to shelter in spacious, open barns whenever they feel like it. The only instances when our farmers may insist that they come indoors is when the weather conditions mean that it’s so wet that – especially in the hills – a cow may slip and critically hurt itself. We love to work with farmers that rear suckler herds which means that when a cow becomes pregnant, her calf can stay by her side for six to nine months after the birth

How are the cows slaughtered?

The cows that produced the meat in your meat box will have been slaughtered by way of captive bolt at a small-scale, family-run abattoir (Code: 8191 EEC). Our cows are never ritually or religiously (e.g. Halal or Kosher) slaughtered. The cows are between 2 years and 5 years when they are are sent to the abattoir, depending on their breed and weight.

What certifications does the Farm or Happy Meat have?

Happy Meat is a certified organic seller by the Soil Association. What's more, our farmer is certified British Red Tractor Assured for it's meat.

About the meat

How specific are the weights of each cut or portion?

The weights mentioned per cut and slice serve only as indicative figures. Our artisan butchers cut by eye to deliver the highest quality and least waste possible so weights may vary ever so slightly.

Are there any additives in the meat?

We don’t use any E Numbers, sugar, binding agents, dyes, preservatives, or chemicals often found in supermarket meats. Whilst all our meat is gluten-free, please note that our meat products are prepared in an environment where gluten is processed at other times. Our meat is also 100% lactose-free.

We add salt, pepper and other natural seasonings to our happy burgers – that's all. There is a label on each individual packet that lists the ingredients and shows the nutritional value of the product.

Product Ingredients
Happy Burgers Beef (97%), Sundried Tomatoes in Oil, Sea Salt, Onion, White pepper.

What is the shelf life of the meat?

When kept in the freezer your happy meat will remain fresh for up to one year. After defrosting our meat, we recommend you can store the sealed vacuum pack in the fridge and consume within 2-3 days.

Because we allow the meat to mature, it loses a little bit of its moisture. And this, alongside the fact that it’s vacuum sealed, means that the quality of our meat won’t deteriorate when you freeze it for long periods of time — keeping every bit of its taste and texture, tenderness and taste!

How should I defrost my meat?

The best way to defrost meat is to move it from freezer to fridge one day before you plan to cook it, so it can thaw slowly. Place a plate or tray underneath, to catch any melting ice.

However, because our meat is vacuum packed, this means a very (very) handy alternative method is to simply take it out the freezer and place it in a bowl filled with cold tap water for 15-20 minutes! Easy, peasy.

P.S. We strongly recommend against defrosting your meat in the microwave because it heavily deteriorates its quality, making it very tough!

About delivery

How will I be kept up-to-date on my meat box’s journey?

The evening before your chosen delivery day, our trusted courier APC will email and/or text you a track and trace code as well as a link to their online tracker which allows you to follow your box’s journey and its likely time of arrival.

When do you deliver?

We deliver on Tuesdays through Fridays before 12:00pm noon.

How do I Change my delivery address or date?

You can make changes to your delivery address or date via your Happy Meat account, within the order section found here. Changes to your delivery day / address can only be made up to 12:00pm noon on the day prior to your scheduled delivery. Past then, the best rearrangement of delivery possible is to have your box stowed in a safe place or leaving it with a kind neighbour. To avoid this, we recommend you consider having your box delivered to your work place.

What happens if I’m not home to accept delivery?

If you're not home to accept delivery, our trusted courrier APC will keep hold of your box and come back again before 16:00pm the same day. If they see you're still not home, they'll try leaving your box with a neighbour or in a safe place of their choosing and let you know via text and/or email.

How long will Happy Meat stay OK unrefrigerated?

Under normal circumstances, the special insulation of our Happy Meat box will keep the Happy Meat frozen until the late evening on the day of your delivery without needing to be refrigerated. If you end up with a few soft edges on the meat products, don't worry – the meat will still be absolutely fine if you toss it in the freezer as soon as you notice them.

If the contents of my Happy Meat box have defrosted by the time I unpack the box, what should I do?

This should never, ever happen. But, in such a case that it does – please contact us via and we'll work tirelessly in putting things right by you as soon as possible.

Can we help you with something?

Our team is always ready to answer your questions. We would like to hear from you!

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