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juli o., CHARD Outstanding service Cant start to describe the quality of the meat- absolutely perfect Will definitely be buying again

Andy A., Chorley They said how it works and what to expect and they delivered on that promise. Excellent Thank you.

Kath B., Oxford Excellent meat, great service

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Thank you to all our Buy a cow reviewers!

We would like to thank everyone who has ever written a reviews of our initiative, products and the customer service which comes with them. The development of Happymeat.uk relies on them! Based on the feedback that we receive through reviews, we’re able to get a better understanding of the things we’re doing well and should do more of, and those that we’re not doing so well on and should do less of! For example, through our the conversations we has with potential customers we found out that Organic meat was of high demand for so we did everything we could to gain our organic certification as quickly as possible to be able to provide organic meat to you! So to all our reviewers and customers; a big thank you once again!