Happy Meat Box

UK 772288

Happy Meat Box

UK 772288

The contents

The meat products in this box have been cut by a team of award winning artisan butchers, who premier age each piece for 3 weeks. This makes your beef so soft in can be cut with a spoon! What’s more, the meat has been conveniently portioned per meal. So, you can use what you need and keep the rest safely stowed in the freezer for a rainy day. The contents of this box can all be traced back to one, unique cow. Browse below to learn more about its story.

Can I customise my box?

No – and there's a good reason for it :) In the UK, conservative estimates are that we waste about 100,000 cows worth of beef each year. So at Happy Meat, we want to make sure that when we send a cow to the abattoir we use all of its meat. That’s why when we butcher the cow we evenly spread its meat into about 70 boxes – which means each box gets a bit of everything and nothing goes to waste.

Where are my fave cuts?

To avoid all waste, we evenly spread the beef of a cow into about 70 boxes – which means each box gets a bit of everything. But because each cow only produces so much of some cuts like Fillet or Bavette, to be bale to spread them across the 70 boxes, we mince them. That means, your mince is actually filled with some of the most premium cuts – making it incredibly delicious and tender!

Is this beef expensive?

At below £14.99 per kilo, our meat comes to the same or even cheaper than what you'd pay at Sainsbury's, Tescos or your local butcher. Considering the taste and climate benefits – it's a no brainer!

Does it take much space?

You can fit it all into less than half a freezer drawer. Because the meat products are all vacuum packed, that also means they'll defrost in just 10-15 min. Simply take what you need out the freezer and place in a bowl of cold water. Simple.