The masterplan to 100% traceable, Happy Meat.

The Importance of Traceability

To say that ’things aren’t pretty’, is quite an understatement when we start talking about meat and traceability. In 2018 the Food Standards Agency (FSA) found that over 20% of the meat they tested from supermarkets and restaurants over the year prior contained DNA from animals not specified on their labelling.

Among other issues, the information they shared exposed that many of their samples included DNA from up to four different animals, while in some cases there was absolutely no trace (none!) of the meat that appeared on the product's label. Very worrying for us meat lovers, the most commonly mis-labelled product was actually mince meat. Just imagine eating your shepherd’s pie and then finding out it’s filled with lamb, horse meat or turkey rather than the beef you intended.

In the very, very best (and expensive) scenarios, high-end supermarkets provide you the details of the country that the cow your beef comes from was born and the details of the herd it was slaughtered with. Past that, you don’t know which specific cow it came from, where it was reared, on what farm, who the farmer was, what it was fed, where the feed came from, or even whether it ever saw the outdoors. Because cows that produce your meat are usually slaughtered in groups or batches, you’ll also never really eat meat from one cow – but it will almost certainly be a mishmash of meat from a number of different animals.

What We Do

unlike almost anywhere else, we let you trace the meat you buy from us back down to the specific, unique cow it all came from. No gimmicks or mottos, we provide you the ear tag number of the cow for you to do further investigation yourself as well as details the farmer who reared it, the farm it lived on, what it ate, where that feed was produced and most importantly – specific info on the lifestyle it enjoyed. Not only will you know for the first time that your meat is clean, you can have peace of mind knowing it came from a cow that lived the best life